Age Group: 8-10 Years

Reading is the key for lifelong learning, and our motto is to instill a genuine love of reading leading to a commitment to lifelong learning. Reading for pleasure and reading across varied genres enables our young and curious little minds to develop 

  • A broader vocabulary, increased general knowledge and a better understanding of other cultures.
  • A deep sense of empathy- reading age-appropriate books enables children to identify with characters, and they feel what they are feeling. They begin to understand and relate to emotions.

Our Rising Stars pack, provides engaging stories and tales and fables that aim to provide perspectives and information about the range of topics along with many mind-tingling and exciting activities.

Each pack has 5-6 books monthly!

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This Month-

The Dazzling October pack has the following books-

  • Gullivers Travels: A Brilliant combination of adventure, humor and philosophy, Gulliver’s Travels is one of literature’s most durable masterpieces for readers of all ages.
  • Fascinating World Of Technology: With original Renaissance man Leonardo da Vinci as inspiration, this fascinating new volume in the Little Leonardo series introduces kids to the wonders of technology and the people who create it. From the invention of the wheel several thousand years ago to the increasing miniaturization of our computers, smartphones and other electronic devices, we’ve always been looking for new ways technology can make our lives easier.
  • illi ke joote
  • The Invisible Man: A gripping and entertaining tale of terror and suspense, The Invisible Man endures as one of the signature stories in the literature of science fiction.
  • Tales of Young Gandhi: Exquisitely illustrated, with visual content that was collected by teh author over eight years of travel to Porbandar, London and South Africa, Tales of Young Gandhi retells the story of a fascinating life and hopes to introduce a new generation of readers to the Mahatma.


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