Age Group: 2-3 Years

Children hear the sound of a language even before they can read words on a page. 

  • Reading aloud to your little one not only stimulates their imagination, develops cognitive skills and also helps them develop language and listening skills. Start with a rhyme, or a melody or a concept- use concept books and story books to widen their learnings. 
  • Reading to your little one enables you to inculcate a positive association with reading- more as a relaxing activity rather than a tedious task
  • It also improves a toddler’s concentration and memory

Our Tiny Stars Pack consists of storybooks, concept and theme books and even some art! It has a combination of books that parents and grandparents can read in order to inculcate a love for reading in the little one!!  

Each pack to have 4-6 books monthly!

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